Vietnam-Cambodia Trip Day 1: Off to Ho Chi Minh!

One of the best moments of my life (so far) is travelling with these awesome group of people. Joed, Apple and her boyfriend who was also my college mate, GP, who was about to finish their MBA's decided to book an 8-day trip to Vietnam and Cambodia on the New Year's eve to take advantage of Cebu Pacific's holiday Piso fare. They chose August 19-27 because there were two holidays and it's also perfect for me since midterms would be done by that time. The trip was also a birthday treat for me and Apple who are turning 24 this year. I just followed my gut feeling and accepted their invitation to join them. Carla, Jelan and Jervin also booked their tickets and so a total of 7 of us would be goin on the trip.

Joed, who already have an experience in travelling outside the country and who was very much enthusiastic about our trip was the one who researched and arranged our tour. We had 8 months to plan our itinerary and budget our expenses and, thankfully, our group were very efficient in doing so. Obstacles and last-minute problems were inevitable but still we pushed through our plans until the day finally came.

We met at the Zambo Airport at 11:30AM and we were on our superhero tees which i gave them on my birthday. We arrived at Manila at 3PM and decided to go to SM Mall of Asia to have our tummies filled. We had Cinnabon together with my brother, Aljo, who is studying in Manila. Then, we had our sumptuous early dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak.

’s new jingle makes me want to sell my stuff and

If you’re an avid Youtube watcher, you can relate when I say that YT life is as random as it can get: You look for your preferred video and then all of a sudden, you just find yourself landing on all sorts of vids from the funniest ones down to the mind- boggling ones-you gotta love it though because it’s what makes Youtube a lovely place! This is how I found out about’s music video

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish. Price: P175.00/each Bought From: Free Other Locations: Available in all Max Factor Counters THE VERDICT: I am always a victim of chipped polish because I'm just plain careless with my hands, plus I also have this weird habit of scratching the table when I'm bored and oddly, I find satisfaction in it. :p Thank God brands

EVENT: Nihon Fure Ai Kai #CosCon 2014 – Cosplay Judge

Hey hey hey guys!

I was invited to judge a cosplay event again but this time for my old college club's cosplay contest. 

The Nihon Fure Ai Kai organized a competition during the College of Nursing Cup that was open to all WMSU students! It was spearheaded by their president Ivy with the members of the club and volunteers from different colleges. The contest was a blast and the participants gave their best during their skits. The event was held in the College of Nursing building in WMSU Zamboanga City last August 30, 2014.

The contestants with the judges of the contest.

I was contacted by my kouhai Ivy, the club's president, to judge the competition. Of course I was honored by the invitation! This is actually my third time judging a cosplay contest and my favorite part in doing it is seeing the cosplayers' effort in portraying the character they love. The facial expression, their actions and how they bring the character are some of the things I look for in a winner. And I am happy to say that I see these qualities in almost all the cosplayers who joined the contests that I judged.

Anyway, before we go to the details of what happened to the contest, let me first talk about my character that day! ^_^

I went as Lala Satalin Deviluke of To Love Ru - an alien princess who visited Earth and fell in love with a human. I really love Lala's bubbly personality and her cute expressions - these reasons are what pushed me to cosplay her during the event. I would never go out of character with her! She's all smiles!

Plus the event was held in a school so I thought it was appropriate to cosplay a character in her seifuku version. ^_^
Cee as Lala Satalin Deviluke from To Love Ru

Cosplay plan fulfilled! This was well-received that day. People commented on how cute I was as Lala. Maybe I'll cosplay her default/battle dress mode next time. I think it's fun cosplaying a character that's lively and always happy. <3

Anyway, here's the cosplay event caught on my video camera. I was not able to bring my DSLR so I just took videos of the skits during the cosplay contest using my old point-and-shoot camera.

Best view at 480p
Click on the gear and choose 480p on the option 'Quality'

I judged the event together with cosplayer Veronica and Nihon Fure Ai Kai representative Sherm:
L-R: Veronica, Cee and Sherm
Photo by Sheed

After a few performances by different dancers and the judges, the winners were announced! 
Congratulations to the contestants and the winners!
Photo from Erica's FB account.
#CosCon First Place Winner
The contest was small with four participanting cosplayers but still everybody gave their best performances! First place went to Kent Navarro as Konoha of Mekaku City Actors. His performance was breathtaking and it garnered him a lot of fan girls!

After the event was the photo opportunity for both the cosplayers and the audience. Because I was not able to bring a camera for the photo op, I gave out coscards to those who took photos of me. I actually ran out of them at the end of the day! :) 

Yours truly with the First Place Winner Kenta!
Photos by Sheed

Kenta and yours truly with the president of Nihon Fure Ai Kai.
Thank you so much for inviting me!
Photo by Sheed
I met a lot of new cosplayers and friends that day. I discovered that there are a lot of club volunteers from different colleges this year. Kudos to the members of Nihon Fure Ai Kai for hosting a successful cosplay event in the campus.

To the Nihon Fure Ai Kai officers and members - I can't thank you enough!
Thank you again for accommodating and inviting me to the event. I surely missed cosplaying in school and you guys made it happen again!
I love you guys and see you all very soon.
Congratulations to the winners and I wish this will be a yearly event for the club. More power!

Here are some photos I grabbed from their accounts. Thank you so much for letting me grab these shots!

Photos from Liz Bunny

Photos from the Nihon Fure Ai Kai Official FB Account

From Erica

From Bea and Mark

Will upload more grabbed photos on my Facebook Page:

REVIEW: Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick

Hello dearest friends and family (if you are reading this), I am sooo back to blogging right now! I sorely missed posting relevant things on here. With a lot on my hands lately, I cannot possibly squeeze in time to do all the necessary steps to formulate a blog post. You see, I just got promoted at work which then translates into more workload and responsibilities for me -- not that I'm complaining. I am very much pleased to be blessed with this. Another thing is school, as you all know (or not) that I'm taking up Masters in Public Administration so it's a pretty tight sched I have right here. Nevertheless, I am blessed to be alive and well. Yey!

Fast forward to now, I'd like to begin the month of September with a fresh beauty post! Hurray for BER months! Are you all excited? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it's something be excited about. Anyway, back to my beauty post... Just last week, I received two parcels separately from one of my favorite makeup brands, Mary Kay Philippines. For today though, I'll have to review just one of the two products they sent me which is their True Dimension Lipstick!

Mary Kay® True Dimensions Lipstick

Mary Kay® True Dimensions™ Lipstick effortlessly blends alluring femininity with the beauty of science. The range of head-turning shades lets you express every dimension of you – from fearless to fashionable to free-spirited – while the advanced formula targets the key qualities that give lips their contour and dimension – delivering the look of fullness and plumpness.

The shades that were sent to me were Citrus Flirt and Sassy Fuchsia. As soon as I took these babies out of their sleek boxes, I was amazed at how they looked -- I almost thought they were long silver bullets meant to slay vampires (obviously I've watched too much vampire movies).  The case looks simply elegant, sleek, ultrastylish and shiny. At the base, you'll see the label and on the other hand is a transparent base which allows you to see the shade. Nifty, right? All you need to do is push the clear top button to release the lipstick from its case. 

In all honesty, these babies are my favorites! I definitely loved wearing them everyday because true to its word, Mary Kay's True Dimensions Lipstick really moisturizes and smoothens my lips with every use. It glides smoothly onto my lips for a no-fuss application - it is creamy and at the same time gives my lips a semi-gloss look. I'm even surprised at the staying power of the lippy because it lasts me a good 6-8 hours - it stays on after I've had my meals. It has a very mild scent and the color pay-off is superb! One swipe is all you'll ever need to get a dose of pure color on your lips.

I would definitely repurchase this product the moment I run out of it. I am willing to try all the other vibrant shades they have. I think these are sold at Php 860.00 a piece. If you ladies wanna purchase or learn about these products, visit Mary Kay Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :) I've used the Sassy Fuchsia shade during our CPADS Induction and Socialization Night -- here's a photo I took using my the VSCO cam:

That's it for today lovelies! Hope I was able to help you in looking for a new lippy to love. I will also be reviewing the 2nd product from Mary Kay within the week. So hopefully you keep checking out for updates. Take care y'all! xoxo, Kai <3

Commenter Of The Month For August + Gifts For September’s COM

Oooohh…the BER months are finally here! :D Just a few months to go and the most wonderful time of the year is here! :D Lemme give you a taste of Christmas through this post by announcing the winner of this lovely skin care loot and the gifts for this month's commenter. Click READ MORE now! :D Commenter of the month for August is…. TERI! **Congratulations, dear! Prize is

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Harlow Red Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Harlow Red. Price: P1,500.00 Bought From: Free Other Locations: Available in Bobbi Brown SM Megamall, Essences Powerplant Mall, SM Mall Of Asia, Ayala Center Cebu, Rustan's Shangri-La Mall, Rustan's Makati City THE VERDICT: The secret to perfectly- lined lips is no doubt, a lip liner. It prevents lipstick from bleeding and lets you draw

Hydration Bulletin: Etude House, Tony, Moly, Yves Rocher and Mary Kay

Today's plump, fresh, and hydrated blog post is brought to you by the following brands. Thinking of trying out a new hydrating product? Read on and you might find something that interests you! Etude House's newest products are nothing short of quirky. Beginning with Every Month Cleansing Foam, this facial wash line features 12 variants that feature various natural extracts, address

FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: BB Creams with Great Coverage

I have a bunch of BB and CC (and even a ZZ) Creams to test out and this FMF query reminded me to do that! Our question for today is from Vanessa: Hi TBJ!  I just wanna ask what's the BEST BB CREAM that you can recommend, the one that can cover and hide blemishes and dark spots. Your soonest response will be greatly appreciated  XOXO, Vanessa Me wearing Estēe Lauder Cyberwhite