5 Things you can do on Long Weekends

In the Philippines, the Holy Week is very much regarded as one of the most celebrated occasions. It is accompanied by a string of days off duty for those who are working in public and private institutions. For some, it is very sacred while for some it might mean just a very long weekend. However you want to spend your Holy Week is completely up to you. As for me, I'll be spending it with my loved ones. Attending Church Services will always top my list of activities, bonding with my loved ones comes next. 

Dress from CEBU; Sandals from GIRLS HAVEN
But for those of you who are looking to be productive during the long weekend off from work, here are some things you can do to pass time:
  1. Cook up a new dish with a recipe found in books or online. Unleash the inner foodie in you and whip up something you can serve your family and friends during meal times. 
  2. Spend time spring cleaning your room or any room at home that needs it. Now is the time for you to stop putting off cleaning your messy room. Spice up your room with new linens, pillowcases and curtains! Your mom will definitely appreciate it.
  3. Get crazy with DIYs! Do-it-yourself projects are perfect for honing your creativity and skills. Plus it'll save you a lot of cash from buying brand new things. Why not recycle old materials? It's fun to do with your friends or younger sibs too!
  4. Invite your friends over for a movie-marathon/sleepover. You might not see your friends everyday because of their hectic schedule so why not invite them over for a bonding session over popcorn, soda and tons of romantic comedies?
  5. Into blogging?  It's time to catch up on those days you missed to post entries. Draft your posts intended for posting on the days to come so you don't have to worry about what to publish on your blog. Got a fashion blog? Get out and shoot with your fave outfits. 
Those are just a few things you guys can do during the long weekend. I do hope you like the ideas. Some of those I'll be willing to try such as #1. I miss baking so I might bake again and do some spring cleaning too. Hope you have a blessed Holy Week everyone :))  

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What’s on my Happy List?

They say happiness is just a state of mind. It's created on how you perceive things. I'd like to believe in that because when you change your mind about something that seems to be detestable to you before, your view suddenly changes and everything seems fine. :) Since I've been constantly out during the weekends, I find that there are a lot of things I am happy and excited about! Some of my readers would like me to share things about myself so that they can know me more. I guess that's a really cool idea because I now noticed that I hardly share details about my personal life. Not that I don't want to nor is my life complicated; it's just that I thought my readers would love to see only fashion posts. So I'm going to start inserting some very random stuff about myself. Don't worry, I'm not talking about long posts. Just enough :))

Top and Jumper Skirt from SUGAR-RUSH; Boots from LADY GRATITUDE; Watch from TECHNOMARINE
As promised, here are the top 5 things on my current HAPPY LIST:

[1] I finally obtained the drive and determination to go to grad school! 
I've put off going to grad school for almost two years for what I think are some valid reasons. Now I've finally succumbed to my destiny of taking up Masters in Public Administration since I really want to work in the Government. I'm taking the GSAT this May hopefully with my close friend, Yuri, who also took the photos in this set. Thank you Yuri!!! <3

[2] The Boyfie is coming to town!!!
Isn't it Friday yet? I'll be thanking God for Friday because he is scheduled to arrive on that day. Maybe a few of you would know that Joelo is working in Cebu which forces us to go into a long distance relationship. Maybe I'll talk about our experience being miles apart in a separate post. I am so excited that I'll finally see him again! Which brings me to..

[3] Pigging out sessions at my favorite local restaurants.
They say I'm blessed to be "payat" or slim. My metabolism is quite fast so I don't get fat everytime I eat a lot. My friends tell me I don't eat a lot anyway but I beg to disagree. Hahaha! This weekend, I'm thinking of going back to Lantaka to satisfy my craving for Crunchy Rolls and seafood. Even without my bf, I still go out with my sister aka partner in crime when it comes to food trips!

[4] New Shoes aka My Addiction
I will never regret having more than a pair of shoes in my room or in my life. Call me whatever you'd like but I love shoes! I love having them in different styles and different colors. I love to match them with my outfits. When I get a new pair, I definitely base my look on that new pair. Hahaha! Screw the weather, if my shoes are fit for girly outfits, I'd roll with it! :) This week I am expecting two pairs to join my collection. Teehee!

[5] I would have a white room by the end of this month. ^_____^
I would always say to myself, "Get a white room and everything will be okay". Imagine waking up to a room that's fresh, clean and breezy. I am so excited to see how it turns out. I'm planning to buy white furniture soon for my room and bedeck it with floral prints - curtains, decor, bed-sheets and pillows. The possibilities are endless!

That's all for now ladies and gents! How about you guys? What is on your happy list? Share them!

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